Friday, January 23, 2015

Easy Guide To Essay Writing : Essay Structure

  One can argue that essay writing is somehow inevitable to a student's life. There is no possible way that a student can make due without having to write one. In that connection, it is best if students can learn how to write essays so that can stand a better chance of nailing some of the tests. The process of learning how to write an essay involves knowing how to come up with an essay structure. Without one, an individual cannot be in a position of writing a precise and conclusive essay.

 When writing any essay, you should be in a position of translating a set of ideas into an argument. It is also important to note that essays are linear in form meaning that they can only present their ideas one at a time. Therefore, for one to claim that they have succeeded at writing a logical essay, they need to write the ideas in an orderly manner so that the ideas make sense to the reader.

 When it comes to essay writing, a structure is supposed to dictate how the ideas or information will be presented to the reader. Besides dictating which kind of information will be passed to the reader, the structure also dictates the order in which the information will be presented.

 Some essays such as the classic essay types may take on a different structure as compared to the conventional essays. What is common with most essays is that they all begin with an introductory paragraph. The main purpose of this section is to ease the reader into the essay and give them a rough idea of what they can expect from the rest of the text. Try as much as possible to make the introduction interesting so as to capture the attention of the readers. Here is a guide to creating a good structure of an essay.

The introduction section

This is a very important part in your essay because it introduces the readers to what the writer is talking about. Every essay should have this section. The secret to writing a good essay is to make it as interesting as possible to grab the reader's attention.  There are a number of ways to achieve this: the writer can use a quote that is in line with subject, use appropriate examples, enlighten the reader by giving them some background information about the topic or even give definitions. Build on your introduction so that it can keep your readers intrigued. To finalize your introduction make sure you use a few transitional sentences to introduce the next section.

Thesis section

 After the introduction, you need to write your thesis statement. In actual sense, this means writing your main idea down. Regardless of the fact that the thesis statement can be one or two sentences, it forms the basis of your essay. When writing the thesis statement, you need to know how to go about the entire thing and realize just how important it is. This is the statement you be elaborating, supporting and proving to be right or wrong when you move to the next section which is the body part. In as much as the essay topic is present to inform the reader about what the essay will be talking about, the thesis statement is crucial as tells the reader about the stand you'll be taking in the topic.

Characteristics of a good thesis statement

 A good thesis statement should be the difference. It should point the reader to the direction where you intend them to go.  Your thesis statement should:

  •  Make a claim – use the statement to make a claim such as ''there are many similarities and differences''. When that is said, you can go ahead to elaborate on exactly what are the similarities and the differences.

  • Do not make it obvious – avoid using clichés as your thesis statement. The best way of doing this is to simply put a new twist to an old idea.

  •  Use something that can be proven – do not use something that cannot be substantiated within the context of the assignment. When writing a thesis statement make sure you have enough evidence to back your facts.
  • Avoid opinions – to make your thesis standout you may want to avoid opinionated statements such as good or bad. Instead, you may want to tell the reader about the significance of the topic or better yet tell them exactly why you thing something is good or bad

  •  Ensure your statement is straight to the point – do not make statement too general.

Body section

 In this section the writer is given the freedom of using as many paragraphs as they want. This is the part where you get to substantiate your thesis statement. The number of paragraphs may depend on the number of points you have supporting your thesis statement. You can write them in the form of sub topics and place them on any order provided that they are making sense.

 When writing your paragraphs, you need to ensure that each paragraph has a topic sentence. The sentence is normally placed at the beginning of the paragraph. With your paragraph you should also give evidence relating to your thesis statement and also try to give complete explanation on how the evidence proves your point. Another important point to consider is that when writing your paragraphs, each paragraph should contain only one idea. This will create the coherent you need from an essay.


  The conclusion of your essay structure should be written in such a way that it summarizes all your main points. The objective is to reiterate all the main ideas in your essay using different words. The section also attempts to examine how the thesis was proven. However, no one should mistake this as a section to repeat their ideas. After reading your conclusion, the reader should be left with the feeling mutual satisfaction.
With this structure in place, it becomes much easier for a student to write a logical and flowing essay.  


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