Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ten Sparkling Steps For Writing an Essay

  You just cannot avoid writing essays at school and college. Many students understand this well and often say, "Please write an essay for me". While you can always make use of online essay services, you can definitely try to handle it on your own by paying attention to the following tips. Know the Essay Question: You cannot answer it unless you know what it's asking. Be sure to highlight keywords and don't shy away from using a dictionary to know the meaning of difficult words. Determine if you need to explain, discuss, or compare something in your essay. Identify your topic before going any further.

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Do Your Research And Do Not Expect 'Write My Essay' Things

 You need to use sources to know more about the topic. Write notes with quotations from valid and reliable sources and know how to acknowledge sources when writing.

 Brainstorm Ideas

  You should let your mind run free and jot down any points or ideas you have in mind. It is important to utilize a mind map to encourage lateral thinking.

 Develop a Thesis

 You need to develop a thesis statement that would answer the question asked in the essay. Avoid writing complicated thesis statements and don't opt for something that looks overly simplified.

 Proceed in a Systematic Manner

  Once you have developed your thesis, you should organize your ideas and ensure that every point answers the essay question. Then proceed with an introduction to lay the foundation of your discussion. Make your introductory paragraph engaging and slowly guide them to the main body of your essay that should contain several paragraphs with a different point discussed in each. Always use supporting evidence to testify every point and relate it to your thesis statement. Close your essay with a conclusion that should give a summary of your main ideas and finish with a convincing comment.

  By this point, you will have an essay with you, but it may require some more attention. It is important to proofread and edit your essay before you submit it for final evaluation. Be sure to read it again to find and correct any spelling and grammar mistakes. You may even consider changing a few words to convey your message more accurately. It is even better to get some feedback from your peers to ensure that everything is in perfect shape. You should follow these steps and you won't have to scream, "Can someone help write me an essay?"


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